Young Economist of the Year Essay Competition Submission Form

23 Mar 2020

Thank you for your interest in our Young Economist of the Year essay competition in association with the Financial Times (FT).  Please submit your entry below.  You should include your contact details below and upload your entry in Microsoft Word (preferred) or PDF format only. To help us judge the entries anonymously, please do not include your name or school on your entry.

Please read the full list of rules before submitting your entry. The competition is open to Year 12 and Year 13 A-Level students. Only one submission is permitted per person. Essays should be a maximum of 1,500 words excluding references.  Students should focus on economic analysis and include references. 

The deadline for submission is 27 July 2020.


I have read, understood and agree to the competition rules and the Royal Economic Society's Privacy Notice. I have produced the attached work without any help assistance apart from that which is acceptable under the rules of the Young Economist of the Year 2019 competition.

I confirm that this essay has been written solely for the purposed of the Young Economist of the Year competition and has not been submitted to other essay competitions or otherwise published publicly.

I consent to the Royal Economic Society publishing my entry in the event that it is selected as a winning essay.

I consent to the Royal Economic Society securely holding details of my entry to this competition for a period of no longer than 24 months for the purposes of analysing entries.

I understand that these details will not be passed onto any third party, other than to FT for the purposes of judging and publishing the winning entries.

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