The Economic Journal: new submission requirements

02 Sep 2019

Starting on Tuesday 3 September 2019, The Economic Journal is introducing a submission fee of £50 for ordinary members of the Royal Economic Society (£25 for retired, student and developing country members) and £110 for non-members. VAT (20%) will apply to submitters based in the UK and EU. Resubmissions will not be subject to this fee.

The motivation for this change is to raise the resources to appropriately deal with the ever-increasing number of submissions and continue to provide high-quality and timely service to submitting authors. The number of new submissions has increased by 110% since 2010 and surpassed 1,600 in 2018. The Journal has already increased the number of Managing Editors from 6 to 8 in the past few years and a number of other measures have been put in place to manage this increase. In addition, we have recently revised our replication policies in line with top journals in the field and introduced replication checks to ensure the transparency and robustness of research published in the journal.

Today, we find it necessary to align with other journals and introduce a submission fee to not only cover the increased operational costs, but also continue to provide timely and high-quality editorial service to submitting authors.

Payment of the submission fee does not guarantee that your paper will be sent to outside referees. Indeed, to speed up the editorial process and make efficient use of referees and Associate Editors, Managing Editors read and screen submissions before sending them to referees. They can decide to reject a paper if they believe it stands little chance for publication in the Economic Journal. This process requires time from the Managing Editors, which is why the submission fee applies, even if a paper is not sent to outside referees.

If you are intending to submit to the Journal, please consult the Submission Fee Schedule and Terms and Conditions in addition to the Author Guidelines.