RES Presents: The challenges facing the economies of Ireland

17 May 2021

RES Presents is being held online on June 15 from 16:30-17:45. This year RES Presents look at ‘Brexit, UK and Ireland’. The event will focus on the challenges facing the economies of Ireland, both Northern Ireland as well as the Republic.

A range of distinguished speakers from both side of the border will discuss these challenges by giving a short presentation of their initial thoughts and then taking questions and taking part in the discussion that follows.

The event is Chaired by RES President, Dame Carol Propper, we have a great line up of speakers:

  • Dr Martina Lawless, Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI)
  • Dr Esmond Birnie, Senior Economist, Ulster University Business School
  • Prof Stephen Kinsella, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Limerick
  • Stuart Anderson, Senior Policy Advisor, Confederation of British Industry

The event is supported by Queen’s University Belfast and the Irish Economic Association.

For more information and tickets click here.