RES Newsletter October 2021

19 Oct 2021

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In this issue:

01 THE EDITORIAL The editor introduces a special issue on climate change, ahead of COP26 in Glasgow later this year

02 LETTER FROM... Daron Acemoglu contributes his first Letter from America, on our predicament as a critical juncture.

04 PROFILE A profile of Lord Stern, who saw the grave dangers of climate change sooner than most other economists

06 ECONOMISTS AND THE CLIMATE A report on a climate change conference held earlier this year, and a broader discussion

09 CLIMATE ECONOMETRICS An introduction to the time series analysis of climate and environmental data, by Jennifer Castle and Sir David Hendry

12 COVID-19 AND PRODUCTIVITY What the pandemic means for UK productivity, by Nicholas Bloom, Philip Bunn, Paul Mizen, Pawel Smietanka and Gregory Thwaites

16 ECONOMISTS AND POLYMATHS A discussion of some wide-ranging thinkers and whether prospects for intellectual range are diminishing

20 THE WOMEN'S COMMITTEE An analysis of gender pay gaps for professors in the UK, across a range of subjects

22 OBITUARIES Obituaries for Past RES President Peter Neary, and Konrad Mierendorff.

26 NEWS AND EVENTS A selection of news items, including income-based pricing and some RES events

28 FROM THE ARCHIVE A look back at a previous Newsletter article by Andrew Oswald and Lord Stern