RES Climate in Economics Survey

11 May 2020

As part of the RES strategic priorities, the Executive Committee decided in June 2019 to undertake a survey of its members to better understand the climate in academic economics in the UK, and to inform the development of a Code of Conduct, which you can find in draft here.

The survey ran for three weeks from January 2020. The results were collated and anonymised by an independent person. The survey was sent to all RES current members. There were 181 responses, a response rate of 7%. The majority of respondents: work in the UK (74%), work in academia (86%) and describe themselves as being White. 62% of respondents are men and 35% women.

You can read the full report here

The RES will consider these results; the response rate is disappointing, and limits the inference that we make from the results. In June 2019 the RES published a draft Code of Conduct (available here).  We have now appointed a sub-committee to consider the implementation of a code of conduct, and in particular what procedures we have for reporting inappropriate behaviours, what we consider within our remit, how allegations will be considered and what sanctions will be. Once this group has reported we will consult members and take the matter to an AGM for discussion and approval.