Professional Development sessions conference 2020

22 Dec 2019

RES2020 Professional Development Sessions

Wednesday 8 April, 17.00-18.30 followed by drinks reception


SESSION A: Teaching climate change in undergraduate core courses

Intended audience: Those responsible for the undergraduate curriculum; lecturers in Principles, Intermediate Micro, Intermediate Macro, and Econometrics courses; job market candidates


Workshop Facilitators: Ralf Becker (Manchester), Alvin Birdi (Bristol and Economics Network), Wendy Carlin (UCL) and Marion Dumas (Grantham Institute, LSE),


Abstract: In this session, we will draw on the experience in undergraduate core course classes (UCL principles and intermediate macro; LSE intermediate micro; Manchester econometrics;) to provide practical advice on how to bring the economics of climate change into our teaching. In the context of the current climate emergency, we suggest ways to incorporate the economics of climate change authentically into courses beyond specialised environmental modules.


SESSION B: Obtaining research funding for academic research

Intended audience: Academics who want to learn more about why to fund academic research, how to write a good funding proposal, and what sources of funding are available research in the UK.


Workshop Facilitators: James Banks (Nuffield Foundation, Manchester and IFS) others to be confirmed (ESRC)


Abstract: In this session, we will draw on the experience of people who have applied for research funding to discuss how to write a good research proposal, why do seek research funding, and what some of the main sources of funding are in the UK. We will specifically discuss the changing funding landscape at UKRI. There will be



SESSION C: Communicating economics to non-economists

Intended audience: Academics who want to develop their communication skills or who want to teach their students how to develop their communication skills.


Workshop Facilitators: Rachel Griffith (Manchester and IFS), Romesh Vaitilingham (TBC), Maeve Cohen (Manchester) and TBC Bob Denham (EconFilms)


Abstract: In this session, we will discuss tools and tips that academic economics can use to help them communicate better with non-economists - including policy makers, the media, young people and the general public. We will cover both practical ways to improve communication skills and substantive topics such as how to convey uncertainty, model assumptions and other technical issues.