2019 Annual Conference

01 Apr 2019

The Annual Conference is our flagship event.  It brings together hundreds of academic and professional economists to present the latest developments in economics and showcase their real-world application.

2019 Programme Chair

Fabien Postel-Vinay - Chair

Terri Kneeland - Deputy Chair

Filming Disclaimer

The Royal Economic Society will be filming parts of the Conference for wider dissemination, as in previous years. It is presumed that those attending the RES Conference have no objection to being included in footage of the Conference. Any attendee who explicitly wishes not to be included in any broadcast film should approach the RES organisers during the Conference. We will then seek to edit film footage accordingly.


Keynote speakers

Anne Case

Hahn Lecture in association with Oxford University Press | Princeton

James J. Heckman

Sargan Lecture | Chicago

Eliana La Ferrara

Economic Journal Lecture | Bocconi

Peter Neary

Past President's Address | Oxford