University of East Anglia Postgraduate Summer School 2022

12 May 2022 12:00AM - 13 Jul 2022 12:00AM
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Date: 12 May - 13 July 2022

The University of East Anglia is holding their 2022 Postgraduate Summer School in the School of Economics from May to July. The programme will cover three subjects, which may be seen below.

All Summer Schools are free of charge for UEA registered postgraduate research students and for postgraduate research students from our potential Doctoral Training Partnership partners. 

Course details

Bayesian SVARs

This summer school is designed to gain an insight into frontier research on Bayesian Structural Vector Autoregression (Bayesian SVARs). Within this context its focus is structural identification of economic shocks at business cycle frequency rather than forecasting or longer-term analysis. Bayesian SVARs are frequently employed to empirically assess the effects of monetary policy, oil market, labour market and uncertainty shocks.

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Behavioral Game Theory

Game theory, one of the most widely used mathematical tools in economics and the social sciences, builds on a foundation of strong assumptions about agents’ preferences and how agents make decisions. The goal of this course is to familiarize you with research related to some of the most important topics of current research in behavioural game theory and to help you start thinking about potential research projects in this area. Topics we will cover include lie and guilt aversion, bounded rationality, infinitely repeated games, and coordination games.

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This course will cover non-parametric and parametric tests of experimental treatments, the problem of estimating preference parameters using fully structural models and the estimation of finite fixture models, with applications to levels-of-reasoning models and public goods games. The course will be taking place online via Blackboard Collaborate.

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Details and registrations

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