Rebuilding Macroeconomics Annual Conference

19 Sep 2019 08:30AM - 20 Sep 2019 04:00PM
Third party events

“How can interdisciplinary research enhance the policy relevance of macroeconomics?”

Research Hub leaders will each chair a panel discussing a pressing ‘real world’ macroeconomic issue. At least two research projects will be  presented by each panel with audience discussion encouraged.

Keynote Speaker: Professor Deirdre McCloskey
Special panel: Interdisciplinary influence on the Scottish Enlightenment

Attendance at the conference is free, but prior registration is essential. Please contact Richard Arnold on confirming which day or both days you wish to attend.

Some funding is available for students and post-doctoral researchers to help with travel costs within the UK. If you would like to be considered, please make a case in less than 500 words covering what you hope to gain from, and contribute to, the conference.