01 Aug 2019 05:15PM - 06:30PM
Third party events

The Institute of International Monetary Research (IIMR) is delighted to announce a series of four lectures on money, banking and central banking by our colleague, Professor Pedro Schwartz (IEA and IIMR fellow), in collaboration with the Vinson Centre for Liberal Economics and Entrepreneurship: History of Monetary Thought through the eyes of the Classics.

The nature of the topics to be covered in the lecture series is very much interdisciplinary. One of our main aims at the IIMR is to show the need to incorporate historical and institutional analysis in the understanding of money and banking, as well as the decisions made by central banks nowadays. We are delighted and very privileged to have an excellent speaker to address these topics; , he has a very comprehensive background in Economics and Humanities and a vast experience in the teaching of these topics in several universities; he also has experience in policy-making as a former member of the staff of a national central bank and a former advisor to the ECON Committee of the European Parliament, among other institutions.   

Those interested in attending the lectures please RSVP Gail Grimston at gail.grimston@buckingham.ac.uk.