Australian Gender Economics Workshop

13 Feb 2019 09:00AM - 15 Feb 2019 05:00PM
Melbourne, Australia
Third party events

The Women in Economics Network (WEN), in partnership with RMIT University, is proud to host its second Australian Gender Economics Workshop (AGEW) in Melbourne, Australia, on 13-15 February 2019.

The aim of AGEW is to foster a community of economic researchers who can collectively contribute to the high quality evidence base needed to guide the pursuit of more gender equitable outcomes in society.

This academic workshop and policy symposium event provides the opportunity for researchers and policy analysts to come together to share their research insights across of spectrum of topics related to gender equality, to provide constructive feedback on participants’ research papers, and to converse with policymakers about how to translate this knowledge into actionable strategies to tackle gender inequality.

Both men and women are invited to participate in AGEW, especially as WEN recognises that addressing gender inequalities requires a collaborative understanding and input from all members of society.

In addition to the workshop and policy symposium, AGEW will offer a Professional Development program. This comprises an Academic Career Development session designed to provide mentoring advice and guidance to early- and mid-career academics, and a Gender Lensing Masterclass aimed at equipping professional economists with the skills and insights to undertake a gender-sensitive evaluation of policy settings. Further information is available on the Program page.