Sargan Lecture

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The Sargan Lecture

Sponsored by The Econometrics Journal, the Sargan lecture commemorates the contribution and influence of (John) Denis Sargan on econometrics.  The lecture focuses on theoretical and applied econometrics.   

22 Apr 2021

RES 2021: Sargan Lecture (Guido Imbens)

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16 Apr 2019

RES 2019: Sargan Lecture (James Heckman)

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18 Mar 2018

RES 2018: Sargan Lecture (Dave Donaldson)

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05 Mar 2017

RES 2017: Sargan Lecture (James Stock)

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01 Mar 2016

RES2016: Sargan lecture (Susanne Schennach)

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01 Mar 2015

RES2015: Sargan lecture (Michael Keane)

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01 Apr 2013

RES2013: Sargan lecture (Charles Manski)

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