Professional Development sessions 2021

New for RES2021 are the RES’s Professional Development Sessions. These will be held on the Queen’s University Belfast campus immediately following the main RES Annual Conference programme. Previous speakers in the past have included:



Prof Rachel Griffith

Past President

Rachel is Professor of Economics at the University of Manchester and a Research Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).

Romesh Vaitilingam

Romesh Vaitilingam is an economics writer and communications consultant.

Maeve Cohen

Maeve is currently studying for a Masters in Political Economy at the University of Manchester.


Dr Chris Colvin

Dr Chris Colvin is Senior Lecturer in Economics at Queen’s University Belfast, where he teaches a new first-year undergraduate module called Communicating Economics.

Bob Denham

Bob Denham is a filmmaker with a First Class Degree in Economics and Econometrics and a background in journalism, banking and education. Bob founded Econ Films in 2014 to provide a way for researchers to communicate in the growing area of online video.