PhD Job Market

The Society organises two-days of postgraduate meetings in London, providing opportunities for interviews to take place between job market candidates and recruiting institutions.

The postgraduate meetings also have an academic programme, where research presentations and plenary sessions take place. These provide advice on navigating the job market and other early-career challenges for economists.

What is the RES PhD job market?

The meetings are open both to current job market candidates and to PhD students who are planning to get on the job market. A key aim of the meetings is to allow European recruiters to interview job market candidates nearer to home. Recruiters use the meetings in addition to, or as well as, the EEA and AEA meetings to meet with candidates. 

Over the two days, there are:

  • Presentations and poster sessions by PhD students;
  • Interviews between recruiters and job market candidates;
  • Plenary sessions offering advice on getting published and securing a job; and
  • Opportunities to network.