RES Mentoring Retreat

Early career female lecturers and advanced female PhD students based in the UK attended a mentoring retreat run by the Women’s Committee.  Participants were arranged into small groups and assigned to mentors based on their research area, with detailed feedback provided on the participants’ research. There were also topical sessions on subjects including publishing, grant applications and career development.

Mentoring Retreat 2022

Call for female mentors

The Royal Economic Society Women's Committee are looking for female professors and senior economists who would like to volunteer to mentor female early career researchers. The role consists of attending the Mentoring Retreat which will take place in April or May 2022 (online) and acting as a mentor. We are happy to have mentors of any nationality but please consider that the mentoring will be aimed at young researchers working in the British academic environment, so some familiarity with the British academic career paths will be preferable.

If you would like to volunteer, please fill the google form by the end of August.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the women's committee at

About mentoring
Each mentor will be matched with 3-4 mentees based on common research interests. The mentoring session will consist of an online meeting between the mentees and mentor. Mentees will be invited to send a CV and a paper and these documents will  be shared with the mentor and other mentees in the same group. While the format of the meeting is flexible and it can be decided by the mentor in accordance with the mentees, we  suggest allocating at least half an hour for each of the mentees. During this time, we encourage the mentor to provide suggestions on the paper (general feedback and comments on readability, relevance of research question, clarity of the value added and novelty) and career advice. A format that you might decide to adopt is to start each of the individual mentoring sessions asking the mentee to introduce herself to the rest of the group, move then to a discussion of strengths and weaknesses of her paper with comments provided by the other mentees and detailed advice on paper and career provided by you. The online mentoring session can be organised when it is most convenient for the mentor and the mentees,  possibly between February and March and not later than the RES mentoring retreat, which will be an online event in April-May 2022.

The online RES Mentoring retreat will offer the opportunity for  informal networking for mentees and mentors and it will include plenary sessions on topics such as promotions, applications for research funding and other relevant career advice.