RES Mentoring Programme

The RES Mentoring Programme is run by the Women’s Committee and provides early career female researchers the opportunity to attend an online mentoring programme.  

The RES Mentoring Programme is organised virtually and consists of two main events:

1. A Mentoring Session

Organised by your mentor (on a mutually convenient date in February/March, prior to the RES Mentoring Retreat) you and 1 to 3 other mentees will have an initial virtual mentoring session as a group.

The format of the session is flexible, and it can be decided by the mentor in agreement with the mentees.  Mentors usually allocate half an hour for each of mentee. During this time, the mentor provides general feedback and suggestions for publication focusing on a mentee’s paper and general advice on career progression.  It is not the goal of this session to provide specialized feedback on a paper, which can be obtained in other forums. Instead, the focus is on the relevance of the research question, the clarity of the value added and novelty of the question.  A format that has been used by mentors in previous years is to divide each of the individual sessions in three parts:

  1. a short presentation by the mentee to introduce herself to the rest of the group,
  2. a discussion of strengths and weaknesses of the paper with comments provided by the other mentees,
  3. the provision of advice on the paper and career by the mentor. 

2. RES Mentoring Retreat

The virtual RES Mentoring Retreat will take place on Tuesday 26 April 2022.  

This virtual event offers an opportunity for informal networking for all mentees and mentors. The RES Mentoring Retreat also includes plenary sessions on topics such as career progression, research funding applications and other relevant career advice.

Call for Mentees

The mentoring programme is oprn to early career female researcher in economics and would like to participate in the RES Mentoring Retreat, applications for the 2022 programme are now closed.

If selected, mentees will be asked to submit their CV and one of their papers (preferably solo-authored and not close publication) by the end of December.

Mentees and mentors will be matched based on the mutual research interests wherever possible. However, please consider that the mentoring will consist of general feedback on a research paper and career advice and therefore, a perfect match with respect to research interests is not necessary. A list of mentors is available here.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the women's committee:

A note on eligibility: Mentees must be members of the RES and be early career female researchers working in the UK or in countries with very similar academic environments and career patterns.  Early career female researchers are female academics who have recently obtained their PhD or are close to their PhD completion.