The Royal Economic Society is in a position of responsibility to facilitate and promote the change required for the discipline to become more diverse and inclusive. The Society can reach a large number of economists through its activities and has the power to influence academic and professional economists.

The Society’s strategy for 2019-2023 identified Improving Diversity as a strategic priority. Our Diversity Hub brings together this work and work supported by the Society to improve diversity in the discipline.

If you would like to get involved with our diversity work contact our Diversity Champion at s.paredes-fuentes@warwick.ac.uk. If you would like to join the RES and support our work follow this link.

As part of the Diversity & Inclusion Programme, the Royal Economic Society is offering a “Consciously Inclusive Mentoring” short programme and we are inviting all volunteer mentors from the Women Mentoring Programme to engage. We hope to roll this programme out later in the year, following this initial pilot. 


Annual Conference

18 May 2021

#RES2021 Shorts: Dame Rachel Griffith - Diversity in Economics

11 May 2021

#RES2021: Promoting Diversity in Economics

2021 Conference Videos

10 May 2021

#RES2021: Diversity in Economics Learning and Teaching (DELT)

2021 Conference Videos

29 Apr 2021

#RES2021: Gender Economics - Policy Implications

2021 Conference Videos

RES Resources

13 Apr 2021


Media briefings

12 Nov 2020

RES launches Code of Conduct

The code will apply to RES members and all those engaging in our events and activities.

RES news

26 Oct 2020

Ethnicity report sheds new light on diversity of UK academic economists

Reflecting a broader pattern in UK academia, Chinese and Indian ethnicity individuals are overrepresented, while Black individuals are underrepresented.

RES news

15 Sep 2020

Discover Economics: COVID and the Economy - What Happened

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