Consciously Inclusive Mentoring

As part of the Diversity & Inclusion Programme, the Royal Economic Society is offering a “Consciously Inclusive Mentoring” short programme and we are inviting all volunteer mentors from the Women Mentoring Programme to engage. We hope to roll this programme out later in the year, following this initial pilot. 

The goal of this programme is to provide mentors with training on inclusive mentoring practices, understanding how preferences, assumptions and conscious and/or unconscious biases might affect the mentor-mentee relationship.  The programme has been developed by Ellie Highwood (Equasense Diversity and Inclusion specialist and former Professor of Meteorology) and it comprises two parts:  

  • Part 1 “Understanding Consciously Inclusive Mentoring”; self-guided  
    This offers resources (short videos and a workbook) for you to engage in your own time. We estimate this to require ~90 minutes of work.  
  • Part 2 “Becoming a Consciously Inclusive Mentor” 
    This is a live 90 minute session, to take place on Zoom, facilitated by Ellie Highwood.

We really believe this can take us one step closer to making Economics a more diverse and inclusive discipline.  For more information please contact