TheRES YouTube Channel hosts short video interviews and webcasts of RES Lectures from 2012 onwards. for alerts to new video content.

YouTube Preview from the RES Conference 2013:

Royal Economic Society Live!

This is a new channel for all the sessions being streamed live from the RES Annual Conference. By registering to the site you can sign up to watch live and participate remotely in a select number of sessions as well as accessing a library of papers, information on speakers and their topics. Take a look here.

Webcasts are also listed on the RES website here.

Annual Public Lecture

Webcasts and summaries of the RES Annual Public Lecture from 2001 onwards.

Policy Lectures

The Policy Lecture series is an opportunity for leading economists to speak both to academics and to policy-makers and to others interested in the development of economic policy. View Webcasts from the RES policy lecture series.

Festival of Economics Bristol 2013

Choose the discussion panels and talks you want to view from the RES sponsored Festival of Economics Programme of panels and discussions here.  You can also listen to audio recordings of interviews conducted by Romesh Vaitilingam (RES & VoxEU) with speakers at the 2013 Festival of Economics:

Andrew Sentance on Growth

Bridget Rosewell on Cities

Julia Unwin on Poverty

RES Annual Conferences

Webcasts from RES conferences. Further information about papers and speakers from all past conferences can be viewed on the conference archive.

RES Conference 2013

Held at Royal Holloway University, 3rd April to 5th April 2013

Keynote speakers:
Charles Manski, Northwestern University (Sargan Lecture)
Raquel Fernandez, NYU (EJ Lecture)
Matthew Jackson, Stanford (Hahn Lecture)

RES Conference 2012

Held at the University of Cambridge, 26 March to 28 March.

Keynote speakers:
Elhanan Helpman Harvard University (EJ Lecture)
Nancy Stokey University of Chicago (Hahn Lecture)
Ariel Pakes Harvard University (Sargan Lecture)

RES Conference 2011

Held at Royal Holloway, University of London 18-20 April 2011.

Keynote speakers :
Vincent Crawford, Oxford and UCSD (EJ Lecture);
Jean Tirole, TSE,(Hahn Lecture)
Rosa Matzkin, UCLA(Sargan Lecture).

RES Annual Conference 2009

Held at the University of Surrey, 20-22 April 2009

Keynote speakers:
David Laibson (Harvard)
Pinelopi K. Goldberg (Princeton)
Gilles Saint-Paul (Toulouse, Birkbeck)
John Vickers (Oxford)

Claudio Borio on Monetary Policy Making

Claudio Borio of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) talks to Romesh Vaitilingam about where the pre-crisis consensus on monetary policy-making went wrong.The interview, which was recorded in April 2010, represents Claudio Borio's personal views and does not necessarily reflect those of the BIS.

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