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RES Conference 2018 available to view on RES YouTube

Annual Public Lecture

Webcasts and summaries of the RES Annual Public Lecture from 2001 onwards.

Policy Lectures

The Policy Lecture series is an opportunity for leading economists to speak both to academics and to policy-makers and to others interested in the development of economic policy. View Webcasts from the RES policy lecture series.

RES Annual Conferences

Webcasts from RES conferences.

Further information about papers and speakers from all past conferences can be viewed at the RES Conference archive.

RES Conference 2018 - held at the University of Sussex on 26-28 March 2018 with recordings of keynote speakers and special sessions, including:
Botond Koszegi (Central European University) - Hahn Lecture
Maristella Botticini (Bocconi) - Economic Journal Lecture
Dave Donaldson (MIT) – Sargan LecturePresidential Address: Sir Charles Bean (Bank of England/LSE)
Andrew Chesher (UCL and Cemmap) - Past President's keynote lecture
Plenary Session - The View on Brexit from Abroad: New Opportunities or Damage Control?

 RES Conference 2016 - held at the University of Sussex 21-23 March.View Programme highlights which include filmed Keynote Lectures by the French development economist Esther Duflo of the Poverty Action Lab and Kristin Forbes, a member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee, as well as a Plenary session on the economics of Brexit,and another on Minimum Wages with former US presidential adviser and Princeton economist Alan B. Krueger plus short clips on the latest economic research on the RES YouTube channel.

View RES Conference 2015 - held at University of Manchester, Mon 30 Mar to Wed 1 April with film of keynote speakers and special sessions, including legacy of the Economic Journal special anniversary sessions.
Hahn Lecture: Pierre-André Chiappori (Columbia)
Sargan Lecture: Michael Keane (Oxford)
Economic Journal Lecture: Philippe Aghion (Harvard)
Presidential Address: Sir Charles Bean (Bank of England/LSE)

View RES Conference 2014- held at University of Manchester, Mon 7th April to Wed 9th April 2014 with film of keynote speakers and
Special sessions filmed at the Conference 2014:
Keeping Economics Relevant- Sir Charles Bean, RES President
Changing How We Teach Economics- Wendy Carlin, UCL on the Core/Inet project
Financial Fair Play in Football- Stefan Szymanski of the University of Michigan, who spoke at the EJ special session on the ‘Economics of “Financial Fair Play” in European Soccer’.

 During the conference registered viewers could watch live and participate remotely in a select number of sessions as well as accessing a library of papers, information on speakers and their topics. These resources are all now available on RES Live!

View RES Conference 2013
Held at Royal Holloway University, 3rd April to 5th April 2013 with film of keynote speakers:
Charles Manski, Northwestern University (Sargan Lecture)
Raquel Fernandez, NYU (EJ Lecture)
Matthew Jackson, Stanford (Hahn Lecture)

View RES Conference 2012
Held at the University of Cambridge, 26 March to 28 March with film of keynote speakers:
Elhanan Helpman Harvard University (EJ Lecture)
Nancy Stokey University of Chicago (Hahn Lecture)
Ariel Pakes Harvard University (Sargan Lecture)

View RES Conference 2011
Held at Royal Holloway, University of London 18-20 April 2011 with film of keynote speakers :
Vincent Crawford, Oxford and UCSD (EJ Lecture);
Jean Tirole, TSE,(Hahn Lecture)
Rosa Matzkin, UCLA(Sargan Lecture).

View RES Annual Conference 2009
Held at the University of Surrey, 20-22 April 2009 with film of keynote speakers:
David Laibson (Harvard)
Pinelopi K. Goldberg (Princeton)
Gilles Saint-Paul (Toulouse, Birkbeck)
John Vickers (Oxford)

The Festival of Economics at Bristol.  The Festival of Economics aims to provoke wider learning and debate about economics which is critical to the lives of everyone. The RES has sponsored this vibrant exchange of views between economists, media and the public for a number of years.

2014 Festival of Economics @ Bristol 20-22 November

This year’s festival looked at How to speak money, the benefits of a more local economy, the economics of obesity and diet, what happens when quantitative easing ends, whether robots will take all the jobs in the future, the economics of crime and punishment and what will make the housing market work for all.

RES members were able to take a special half price season ticket offer and we can now offer the webcasts of the Festival live. View the 2014 Bristol Festival of Economics playlist

2013 Festival of Economics
Watch RES sponsored broadcasts of popular media and academic economists at the 2013 Festival of Economics.
We also have audio recordings of interviews conducted by Romesh Vaitilingam (RES & VoxEU) with speakers at the 2013 Festival of Economics:
Andrew Sentance on Growth
    Bridget Rosewell on Cities    Julia Unwin on Poverty

2012 Festival of Economics
Read about the first Festival of Economics sponsored by the RES.

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