Visiting Lecturer Scheme

In order to assist the objectives of the Society, the RES has decided to reinstate their Visiting Lecturer Scheme with effect from 2011. The conditions of the scheme are as follows:

  • Economics departments in any UK university may suggest the name of a distinguished economist for a visit to their department. Such visitors may be from within the UK or from overseas.
  • The Society will make up to five awards in each financial year, though the visit need not necessarily take place in the financial year in which the award is made.
  • The visiting lecturer would expected to give a series of lectures, seminars or workshops and to be available for consultation by staff and students. At least one of the lectures etc. should be open to those outside the host University and should be publicised, for example in the RES Newsletter.
  • It will be the responsibility of the host department to cover the costs of travel and hospitality. The Society will pay a fee of £2000 to the lecturer.
  • At the conclusion of the visit both the visiting lecturer and host department should submit a report to the Secretary-General. Payment of the fee will be conditional on both reports being received.


Applications should be made in writing to the Secretary-General of the Society via the RES office ( , allowing sufficient time for consideration. The application should give the details of the proposed lecturer, dates of the proposed visit and details of the arrangements for the programme of lectures, seminars and workshops. Applications will then be considered by the Secretary-General and if required, members of the Executive Committee of the Society. The Society is unlikely to provide more than one award to each University in a given year.


Please contact the Secretary-General or Administrator on

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