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2014 Membership

Membership Subscription The Americas UK Europe (non Euro zone) Europe (Euro zone) Rest of World
Three-year Ordinary Member (2014-2016 incl): Online Only $170 £100 £100 €120 £100
Ordinary Member: Online Only $65 £38 £38 €45 £38
Ordinary Member: Print + Online $82 £48 £48 €57 £48
Ordinary Member Developing countries: Print + Online $42 £23 £23 €28 £23
Retired Member: Print + Online $42 £23 £23 €28 £23
Three-year Student Member (2014-2016 incl): Online Only $29 £17 £17 €20 £17
Student Member: Online Only $14 £10 £10 €12 £10

Additional Information

Please note Royal Economic Society membership is for a calendar year term, January to December. For memberships where print issues are included, all print issues published for the year will be despatched on payment.

Customers in the EU will be charged VAT.

If you are renewing your membership at the end of your 3-year discounted rate, you should select the full rate appropriate to the region in which you live.

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UK members can now pay by direct debit. Please contact for more information.