Acceptance Criteria

The policy of the Editors is to publish the best papers in economics from any field. To be acceptable for publication, they should make a substantial contribution to the subject, be technically well-crafted and be of broad interest to economists at large.

Before you Submit

Submitting authors must be members of the Royal Economic Society. Join the Society.

During the submissions process you will be asked to disclose any conflicts of interest related to your research. Please consult our Ethics Policy.

Submission of an empirical/experimental paper implies that you consent to making your data programmes available upon acceptance of your manuscript, unless you seek a prior exemption. Please consult our Data Policy.


Manuscripts should include the names of the authors. All supplementary material (including appendices, but not including cover letter or past reports) should be included in the same PDF as the manuscript. Information not intended for publication should be clearly marked.

For information on our submission requirements, including word count, style and our policy on the submission of comments on published articles, please consult the Notes for Contributors.

Send us your past reports

To improve the speed and quality of decisions the EJ encourages authors to include editors' letters and referee reports from failed submissions at other journals. The EJ reserves the right to use its own referees and provide these referees with copies of this correspondence.


Please note that should your paper be accepted, it will be checked using our anti-plagiarism software. It is advisable to ensure that all references and fully and corrected cited throughout the paper on initial submission to the Journal. Papers are accepted on the condition that manuscripts are the authors' own work. Any indication of plagiarism highlighted by our software may result in the revocation of the acceptance.

Conference and Feature Issues

The 2018 Conference issue (featuring papers from the 2017 RES Conference) will be the last Conference volume published by the EJ. The RES and editorial board took the decision to discontinue the volume in July 2017.

The Economic Journal announced the closure of Features in June 2015.

Holiday Turnaround Times

During August, a number of editors and reviewers are on leave and therefore processing and turnaround times can be slower than the rest of the year. The EJ office remains open during this period so please be patient and contact the Publishing Editor ( with any queries.

During the Winter break, a number of editors and reviewers are on leave and the EJ office is closed, therefore, processing and turnaround times tend be slower than the rest of the year. So, please be patient and the Publishing Editor ( will come back to you when the office re-opens in early January.

Submit your Paper

When submitting your paper, please ensure that:

• You are a member of the Royal Economic Society.*
• You have included your name on the paper.
• Your submission is contained within one PDF file (including appendices, but not including cover letter or past reports) and material not for publication is clearly marked.

* As membership is to the Royal Economic Society, and not a submission fee, we will not refund your membership fee should your paper be rejected. Please note that in order to keep turn around times down we screen reject around 50% of papers.

Articles are submitted online. Submit your paper.

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Turn-around Statistics

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