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Economic Journal Increased Impact Factor Result

In June 2017, the 2016 Impact Factors were released and we are delighted that the Economic Journal saw an increase in its two-year Impact Factor on 2015, to 2.608 from 2.370.

The journal’s five-year Impact Factor also increased from 3.578 in 2015 to 3.859 in 2016.

Economic Journal on Google Scholar

Google Scholar has produced a new ranking of economics journals, based upon citations of articles published in the last 5 complete years (2012-16). In this ranking the Economic Journal ranks 13th (just ahead of the Journal of the European Economic Association in 14th place and just below the Journal of Political Economy in 12th place). Focusing more narrowly on academic refereed economics journals, this ranking places the Economic Journal as the 10th most cited.

Submission Statistics 2016

  • Regular submissions to the journal increased by 14% to 1340.
  • Including conference and feature papers, we received a total of 1411 original submissions.

Decision Statistics 2016

  • The journal currently has a rejection rate of 82%
  • 56% of original regular papers are screen rejected

Turnaround Times 2016

  • 91% of papers dealt with editors alone were returned to authors within 14 days.
  • Of regular original submissions sent to referees in 2016, 83% were returned to authors within 4 months of submission. Only 2% took longer than 6 months.
  • Of resubmitted regular papers, 40% were returned to authors within 2 weeks, and 93% within 4 months of submission.
  • The vast majority of referees responded within 3 months, with over 60% responding within 2 months. The editors are very grateful to the referees for their excellent performance.

Altmetric Statistics November 2017

  • In the last 12 months, 351 EJ articles received online mentions recorded by Altmetric. A large part of the activity came from Tweeters, who contributed 4,139 tweets collectively. This is up from 2016, when 161 EJ articles received online mentions recorded by Altmetric.
  • EJ articles were mentioned in 664 policy papers, published by the UK Government (GOV.UK), the Institute for Fiscal Studies, Chatham House, the National Bureau of Economic Research, and Australian Policy Online, to name but a few. Again, this is up from 2016, when EJ articles were mentioned in 121 policy papers.
  • News Outlets contributed 399 mentions in total. These outlets include BBC News, Fox News, CNN, Bloomberg, the New York Times, International Business News, Le Journal de Montréal, The Guardian, and a range of local UK newspapers. The marked increase from 2016 is noted here too with News Outlets contributing 139 mentions in total in 2016.
  • 180 blogs, such as the LSE Business Review, Microeconomic Insights, Aguanomics, Big Think, BREXIT, and Manchester Policy Blogs, have mentioned EJ articles in the past year.
  • There were 80 Wikipedia pages that mentioned articles (56 Wikipedia pages in 2016); sometimes with articles being referred to in separate pages (8 articles had more than one mention).
  • In the past year, Altmetric has recorded 92 Facebook wall posts that mention EJ articles up from 15 in 2016.
  • The highest Scoring Altmetric Article in the last 12 months is: 'Are you happy while you work?' by Alex Bryson and George MacKerron with a score of 644. These mentions come from 67 news stories (from 66 outlets, including BBC News, NBC, Fox News, and Newsweek), from 131 tweets (from 117 users), as well as from blogs and Facebook.

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Impact Factor

The Impact Factor is 2.608 and the journal is 42/347 in the Economics ISI subject category. 

Turn-around Statistics

Mean turn-around time 41 days for all new submissions (6 days for papers not sent to referees). View journal activity.

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