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Easter Training Schools

The Royal Economic Society has granted funds to the University of Birmingham to provide an Easter Training School for over twenty years.  This financial support combined with  funding from the ESRC enabled the University of Birmingham to run  schools devoted to some aspect(s) of macroeconomics, and the other to subjects of a microeconomic character. in 2013 the decision was taken to only hold one school, in the Easter break. This is likely to be the pattern for the forseeable future. Funding has now been secured for a further period and the School will move to Oxford for 2015. The current organiser is due to stand down and the Secretary General suitable academic institutions have been asked to express their interest to host and manage the RES Easter School from 2016 to 2018, working alongside Professor Sinclair in 2015. The bid process is now closed and applications are being considered. Please email the RES office if you require further information.

These schools are intended primarily for advanced postgraduate students doing doctoral research but are also open to members of the teaching and research staff. The purpose is to enable participants to become acquainted with the latest developments in the selected fields of economics, to have the opportunity for study and discussion with two internationally renowned experts in the topics covered, and to meet other young researchers.

Places are usually available for 25 resident participants. Accommodation and meals are provided for the duration of the course although travel expenses should be covered by participants or their institutions.  Nominations are made through the applicant’s Head of Department and should be supported by a short CV, a reference, and a note on the applicant’s research interests.

Application dates are provided on this website, the RES newsletter and emailed to University Heads of Economics Departments via CHUDE.

More details: RES Administrator, Amanda Wilman on and the organiser, Professor

RES Easter Training School 2014 ‘New Thinking in Macroeconomics and Finance’.

The twenty-fourth Easter School organised by the Royal Economic Society, with financial support from the Economic and Social Research Council, was held at The University of Birmingham from Sunday 13th April, 2013 – Wednesday 16th April, 2013. The lecturers were Professor Martin Ellison (Oxford: topics (2)) and Professor Nobuhiro Kiyotaki (Princeton: topics (1)).  The topics included:

(1) Modelling booms, busts and the great recession; new macro models of credit, banks and crises; analysing financial frictions, fragility and asset price volatility; unconventional monetary policy and macroprudential policy; rethinking policy for monetary and financial stability.

(2) The philosophy and theory of robust control; Knightian uncertainty and conditional relative entropy; decision taking under preference for robustness; neurotic breakdown and the limits to robust control; optimal robust monetary and fiscal policy; explaining puzzles in finance by robust preferences.


RES Easter Training School 2013 - The twenty-third Easter School organised by the Royal Economic Society, with financial support from the Economic and Social Research Council, was held at The University of Birmingham from Sunday 14th April, 2013 – Thursday 18th April, 2013.
The subject of the school was DSGE Modelling and Financial Frictions. The lecturers were Professor Mike Wickens (Cardiff University, University of York and CEPR) and Professor Paul Levine (University of Surrey), with Dr Cristiano Cantore (University of Surrey) and Professor Joe Pearlman (City University).

RES Autumn Training School 2012. - New Developments in International Trade and Macroeconomics by Professor Francesco Caselli (LSE) and Professor Peter Neary (Oxford)

RES Easter Training School 2012 - The Economics and Econometrics of Forecasting by Professor Mike Clements (University of Warwick) , Dr Jennie Castle (University of Oxford) and Professor James Stock (Harvard University).

RES Autumn Training School 2011 - Industrial Organisation

RES Training School 2011 - Easter School - Fiscal Policy

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