Sargan Lecture

From 2019, The Econometrics Journal will sponsor and publish the Sargan Lecture at the Annual Conference of the Royal Economic Society. The Sargan Lecture commemorates the fundamental contributions to and profound influence on econometrics by (John) Denis Sargan. It does so by promoting econometric theory and methods with substantive direct or potential value in applications and their actual empirical application.

We are very pleased and honoured that James Heckman (Chicago) has agreed to give the first Sargan lecture under this new remit. James Heckman has deep knowledge of and affinity with the history of econometrics and has been putting state-of-the-art econometrics at the service of empirical economics for over four decades. He will both speak to the legacy of Denis Sargan and demonstrate the power of econometrics in advancing knowledge.

For many years, the Sargan Lecture has brought leading economists to the Annual Conference:

  • 2018 David Donaldson
  • 2017 James Stock
  • 2016 Susanne Schennach
  • 2015 Michael Keane
  • 2014 Hélène Rey
  • 2013 Charles Manski
  • 2012 Ariel Pakes
  • 2011 Rosa Matzkin
  • 2010 Jean-Marc Robin
  • 2009 Pinelopi Goldberg
  • 2008 Ernst Fehr
  • 2007 Martin Browning
  • 2006 David Card
  • 2005 Orley Ashenfelter
  • 2004 David Hendry
  • 2003 Joshua Angrist
  • 2002 Peter Phillips
  • 2001 Canice Prendergast


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