RES PhD Meetings

In January each year, the RES organises two-days of Postgraduate meetings in London.  

Over the two days, there are:

  • Presentations and poster sessions by PhD students;
  • Interviews between recruiters and job market candidates;
  • Plenary sessions offering advice on getting published and securing a job; and
  • Opportunities to network.

A key aim of the meetings is to allow European recruiters to interview job market candidates nearer to home. Recruiters use the meetings in addition to or as well as the AEA meetings to meet with candidates. Students should note that attending the meetings does not guarantee them interviews, most institutions arrange these in advance.  As well as the links for recruiters attending the meetings, Job Market Candidates can also apply for advertised positions directly via ;

RES PhD Meetings 2016
Date: 8-9 January 2016
Venue: Westminster Business School, Marylebone Campus (Central London)

The meetings provide opportunities for interviews between job market candidates and recruiting institutions, as well as research presentations and plenary sessions on key aspects of academic life including sessions from Prof. Daniel Hamermesh on negotiating the job market and from Prof. Frederic Vermeulen (Editor of The Economic Journal) on how to get published.

How to travel to the Westminster Business School, Marylebone Campus
London Underground station: Baker Street

View the Programme of presenters for the RES PhD Meetings 2016

The deadline for paper submissions has now passed. If you have any queries regarding a submission please contact the organiser Dr Franz Buscha on

PLEASE NOTE: All those wishing to attend these meetings or for interview must be pre-registered and be RES members. Registration is open until 8 January 2016. Entrance cannot be granted without pre-registration.

STUDENTS LATE REGISTRATION: If you are registering now (7 Jan) you are unlikely to receive your RES membership number in time. However, even at this late state please register to attend the RES PhD Meeting and either leave the membership number box blank or type "TBC".  Having submitted a membership application to the RES site you should receive an email confirming your application for membership; please make sure that you print and take this with you to the RES PhD Meeting. Security will be in place at Westminster Business School on Friday and Saturday and admittance will only be allowed if :

1. you are registered for the event and

2. you can provide proof that you have applied to be an RES member.

Join the Society.              Register for the PhD meetings/interviews (requires RES membership number).

Organisations registered to attend the RES PhD Meetings on 8-9 January 2016 are:

    Economics Network (Bristol)

Presentations/ poster sessions
Students can present their work in a presentation or poster session. Please note that Poster submissions are not accepted separately. You will have to submit a paper and these will go through the same referee process where they may be selected as poster presentations. Many recruiters are doing interviews not attending sessions, but students can perfect their (job market) presentation skills and get feedback from peers. This may be particularly helpful for students who are planning to go on the job market. Posters are set up in the refreshment area, so do tend to attract a lot of interest.

The meetings are open both to current job market candidates and to PhD students who are planning to go on the job market. There is no charge for attending, but students must be members of the Royal Economic Society.   To attend you must be an RES Member and complete the registration form.

RES Student Membership - Your RES membership number is required to register for this event.  If you are not yet a member of the Society please note that Membership numbers can  take 24 hours to generate before you can register for this meeting. You can take out membership online or via RES Membership Services on  +44 (0)1865 778171+44 (0)1865 778171.  Email if you have queries about RES membership.

RES online-only student membership fees are £17 for a three year membership (Jan 2016 - Dec 2018).  We also offer a one-year calendar term (Jan 2016 - Dec 2016) for £10.  Students might wish to note that RES membership also entitles you to discounted membership registration to the largest academic economics conference in the UK, the RES Annual Conference (read more here), for which the RES also provides additional financial assistance to PhD students presenting at the conference.
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Past Meetings

The 2015 RES PhD Meetings & JobMarket took place on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th January 2015 at University College London, Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT. The meetings included keynote talks given by the RES President, former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England Professor Sir Charles Bean (LSE) and Professor Sir Richard Blundell (UCL & IFS), and plenary sessions on key aspects of academic life including 'How to Get Published' (click link to view slides), 'Negotiating the Job Market', and 'Teaching Economics' (click links to view slides). 200+ PhD students from the UK, rest of Europe and the US presented their papers over the weekend and were available for formal and informal interviews, booked through EconJobMarket.
Programme Chair: Martin Cripps, UCL. UCL Organiser: Nirusha Vigi.

2015 PhD Conference Programme Slides from Plenary Sessions

2014 RES Postgraduate Presentation Meeting & Job Market took place on 10-11 January 2014 at University College London. The meetings included a keynote talk given by Professor Imran Rasul (UCL),followed by a drinks reception attended by the Government Economic Service, the Bank of England, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, and Frontier Economics. 100+ PhD students from the UK, rest of Europe and the US presented their papers over the weekend and were available for formal and informal interviews. 2014 PhD Conference Programme

  2013 RES PhD Presentation Meeting Programme at Queen Mary, University of London.

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