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In 2011, the Society initiated a Policy Lecture series. The inaugural lecture in this series was given by David Miles, External Member of the Monetary Policy Committee. Whereas the Annual Public Lecture series, which has run since 2001, is aimed largely at a sixth form secondary school audience, the Policy Lecture series is an opportunity for leading economists to speak both to academics and to policy-makers and to others interested in the development of economic policy.

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2013 RES Policy Lecture: The 2013 Policy Lecture was given by Rt Hon Vince Cable, UK Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills. Mr Cable talked on the subject of ‘The shape of the Economic recovery'  on Monday 27th January 2014 at the Bank of England Conference Centre.


The Cable Policy Lecture  was streamed live using Wavecast Pro via this website and you can now view the lecture online here.  The RES has invested in this technology as part of its aim to promote the study of economic science and encourage the exchange of ideas.

Previous Policy Lectures

2012 RES Policy Lecture
  Professor Nick Crafts, the leading economic historian (University of Warwick and member of the RES Council and Executive) spoke on Returning to Growth: Lessons from History on Wednesday 17th October 2012 at the Bloomsbury Theatre, UCL, London. View Webcast of Nick Crafts' Policy Lecture 2012.
Samuel Brittain, Financial Times article on Professor Craft's paper.

2011 RES Policy Lecture
David Miles, External Member of the Monetary Policy Committee, reviewed what can be learned from past asset purchases and what that implies about the impact of more asset purchases now. Visit the Bank of England for a full report  or download a pdf  (complete with graphs and charts).

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