Newsletter Online October 2017

Online issue 179


Letter from America - counting our losses
In his latest letter, Angus Deaton laments the recent passing of four economists who made a great impression on him.


Taking the Society forward
RES Chief Executive Leighton Chipperfield discusses recent developments at the Society and plans for the future.

Great Britain’s June 2017 preferences on Brexit options
Thomas Colignatus looks at the results of a YouGov poll taken just after this year’s General Election which sought to elicit people’s preferences for various forms of Brexit. Predictably, perhaps, the results show a degree of incoherence and inconsistency.

MMF Annual Conference - Report
Paul Mizen reports on the MMF's 49th Annual Conference held at King's College London.

Improving economic information for free-trade agreements
Michael Joffe, Imperial College, London, has written before in these pages about the development of what he calls ‘evidence-based’ economics, using the conventional wisdom about free-trade agreements to illustrate his case. Here he returns to the theme based on a presentation he recently made to the (UK) parliamentary International Trade Committee.

Brexit and the City
The 34th Symposium Money, Banking and Finance was held at Paris Nanterre University on 5th July 2017 on behalf of the UK's Money, Macro and Finance (MMF) research group. This is a report by Andy Mullineux on a ‘Roundtable’ arranged by the Organising Committee.

British Science Association (BSA) Festival of Science
The annual meeting of the British Science Association (BSA) Festival of Science took place on 5th-9th September. David Dickinson reports on the economics event.

The BBC - at it again?
For the last year or so the RES (and others) have been expressing concerns about the way in which the media, and the BBC in particular, report economic news. Recent events suggest this anxiety is likely to continue for a while yet.

Impacts of Trump Tax Reforms on Growth, Inequality and Debt
As President Trump finds it increasingly difficult to deliver any of his large pre-election promises, attention focuses increasingly on his plans to reform taxation in the USA. Keshab Bhattarai, Jonathan Haughton and David Tuerck take a look at what that might mean — if it happens.


Donald Winch

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