Newsletter Online October 2014

Issue no. 167

This corresponds to RES Newsletter (Print Version) no. 167 October 2014

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The gender gap in economics: where does it arise?
In the UK there is a persistent gender gap in university enrolment into Economics. In this article, Mirco Tonin and Jackie Wahba report the results of a recent paper exploring the sources of this gap.

More on the gender gap in economics
Karen Mumford reflects on the very interesting issues raised by Tonin and Wahba in their article.

Open access in the post-REF 2014 world
Daniel Zizzo explains what is meant by ‘open access’ and how it will affect economists in UK universities.

British Association — section F — report
David Dickinson, University of Birmingham, reports on the British Science Festival that took place at the university, 6-11 September 2014.

MMF panel at the Groupement de Recherche Européen
A special plenary panel session was organised and chaired by Andy Mullineux* on behalf of the UK's Monetary Macro, Finance Research Group (MMF) at the 31st International Symposium of the Groupement de Recherche Européen (GdRE) 'Monnaie, Banque et Finance' in Lyon on the 19th June 2014. This is Andy’s report.

Shouldn’t economists get involved in the making of the national accounts?
Writing from America Salah el Serafy argues that economists should pay more attention to national income estimation especially where natural resource deterioration is overlooked.

Necessary pluralism in economics: the case for heterodoxy
In our survey of major recommendations for curriculum reform, the last, July, issue of the Newsletter featured a description of the INET-Core project led by Wendy Carlin. This time it is the turn of the Association of Heterodox Economists. The author is Jamie Morgan.

An economic supreme court Thomas Colignatus* argues that the economic crises in the last century amount to a case for national Economic Supreme Courts.

QE plus supply side reforms will not save the Eurozone: what is needed is a fiscal expansion accompanied by QE
Francesco Giavazzi and Guido Tabellini* argue for fiscal expansion as part of a package to reanimate the Eurozone.


Letter from America - It’s a big country, and how to measure it
In this Letter from America, Angus describes recent efforts to record the significant differences in regional price levels across the USA. The task is technically complex and also raises political sensitivities.

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