Newsletter Online October 2012

Issue 4

Corresponds to RES Newsletter (Print Version) no. 159, October 2012

In this issue:


What’s the use of economics?

Earlier this year, the Bank of England and the Government Economic Service sponsored a conference to discuss the teaching of economics in the light of the recent crisis. In this article Diane Coyle describes plans to take this initiative forward.

News from the Economics Network

Economics Graduates’ Skills and Employability by Dr Inna Pomorina

Welfare compensation for unemployment in the Great Recession

New research by Mariña Fernandez Salgado (University of Essex); Francesco Figari (University of Insubria and ISER University of Essex); Holly Sutherland, Alberto Tumino (ISER University of Essex) analyses the extent to which tax-benefit systems provide an automatic stabilisation of income for those who became unemployed at the onset of the Great Recession.

The ‘1981 statement by 364 economists’ revisited

Thirty years ago, when cuts in public expenditure were once again at the centre of a controversial policy to reduce the level of public sector borrowing, 364 economists famously signed a letter of protest to The Times. Professor Robert Neild was one of its authors.

In (partial) defence of fiscal austerity

Recent issues of this Newsletter have included articles somewhat critical of current austerity policies. In this contribution John Fender, University of Birmingham, puts a partial defence.


Letter from America - Your wolf is interfering with my t-value!

Angus Deaton reports on the creeping regulation affecting academic research in US universities.

Comments and notes

Letter to the editor: Economics in the Netherlands


I. M. D. Little

Phyllis Deane

Tadeusz Kowalik

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