Newsletter Online October 2011

Issue 155

This provides links to selected items from issue no.155, October 2011. It is part of a continuing project to make available selected material from issues before no.156, January 2012.


The Royal Economic Society Women’s Committee Survey 2010
This report on the recent survey was prepared by Laura C Blanco and Prof Karen Mumford at the University of York.

Surely you’re joking, Mr Keynes?
Mark Harrison, University of Warwick, takes a critical look at two questions that have been widely debated in the last few months: One is that we should borrow our way out of recession; the other is that we can spend our way of debt.


Letter from America - Shutting up shop, at least for now?
Arguing against recent criticisms that economics cannot answer major questions, Angus Deaton’s latest Letter from America shows that economists understand a great deal about how the world works.

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