Newsletter Online October 2008

Issue no. 143

This provides links to selected items from issue no.143, October 2008. It is part of a continuing project to make available selected material from issues before no.156, January 2012.


Economics, and economists, in transition
László Csaba, who chaired the Committee on Economics in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences from 2002 to 2008, explains the recent changes in economics education and the role of economists in the transition economies of central and eastern Europe.

National survey of economics students
In 2008, the Economics Network of the Higher Education Academy carried out its fourth survey of Economics students, covering both undergraduates and postgraduates. This is a summary of the report.


Letter from America — Price indexes and the history and geography of the world
In his latest letter, Angus reminds us of the importance of price indexes in a wide range of economic calculations and of the continuing weaknesses of such indexes, especially when it comes to making allowance for quality.

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