Newsletter Online July2012

Issue 3

Corresponds to RES Newsletter (Print Version) no. 158, July 2012

In this issue:


RES Conference Report
The Society’s Annual Conference took place this year at the University of Cambridge from 26th-28th March. This report was compiled by Sam Fleming, Economics Editor of The Times.

Understanding Oil and Commodity Prices
The Money, Macro and Finance Research Group held a workshop, jointly organised with the Bank of England and the Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis (ANU), at the Bank of England on 25 May 2012, entitled Understanding Oil and Commodity Prices. This report was compiled by Professor Simon Price.

HMRC/HMT/ESRC Joint Research Programme
Tax Policy and Operations in the Context of Economic and Societal Change
About 18 months ago the ESRC/HMRC/HMT jointly funded seven research projects on tax administration. Gareth Miles, reports on the results.

The Public Responsibilities of the Economist
The Tanner Lectures on Human Values are given at selected universities around the world. This year's lectures, 'On the Public Responsibilities of the Economist', were given at Brasenose College, Oxford, on May 18-19 by Diane Coyle. This is an edited version of the first of those lectures.

The Competitive Position of Dutch Schools of Economics
Since English universities began charging substantial fees to undergraduates, there has been considerable interest in the possibility of English students studying elsewhere in the EU. The Netherlands is one popular destination. In this article Professor Ivo Arnold, Vice Dean and Professor of Economic Education, Erasmus School of Economics, Rotterdam, explains the situation from a Dutch perspective.

Studying economics in the Netherlands - A student view
Paul Balenski, a UK postgraduate student of economics, shares his experience of living in Rotterdam and studying at Erasmus University.


Letter from Germany - The Euro Crisis: A View from Germany
In this letter, Ray Rees1 argues that Germany has made substantial, but unrecognised, transfers to some members of the eurozone and that the country’s caution about fiscal co-ordination should be supported.

Comments and Notes

Economists’ ‘Manifesto’ questions wisdom of austerity
As the European Union summit got underway in late June 2012, Nobel laureate Paul Krugman and LSE professor Richard Layard lay down a challenge to the seeming orthodoxy which says that public deficits are the main cause of the present economic stagnation.

Letter of support for the new central bank law in Argentina
The prevailing ideology over the last thirty years has been that the only legitimate task of central banks everywhere is control of inflation.


Brian Hindley, written by Patrick A Messerlin

Editorial Contact
The RES Newsletter Editor is Professor Peter Howells.

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