Newsletter Online July 2017

Issue no. 178


Letter from Germany – Brexit, seen from Berlin II
Michael Burda, at Berlin’s Humboldt University, reports rather gloomily on the prospect for a UK economy faced simultaneously with the effects of Brexit and stagnating productivity growth.


Conference Report 2017
The Society’s Annual Conference was held at the University of Bristol, 10-12 April. This report was prepared by Soumaya Keynes of the Economist.

Economics: The Profession and the Public
On 5th May a one-day symposium, hosted by HM Treasury, brought together around two hundred economists from government, academia, business and the media to discuss the particular challenges of communicating a technical subject to the public. This report comes from Alvin Birdi and Ashley Lait of the Economics Network.

The Gender Balance in UK Economics Departments and Research Institutes in 2016
The report, by Silvana Tenreyro,1 covers the eleventh survey of gender balance in academic employment in economics in Britain in a series started in 1996 by the Royal Economic Society Women’s Committee and repeated bi-annually thereafter. This is a shortened version of the full report which can be read on the Society’s website.


W J Baumol
Zvi Hans Schloss

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