RES Newsletter July 2015

Issue no. 170

This corresponds to RES Newsletter (Print Version) no. 170, July 2015


Letter from Germany — Dispelling three myths on economics in Germany
In his latest Letter from Germany, Michael Burda at the Humboldt University in Berlin argues that the state of economics in Germany is being badly misrepresented in the ‘Anglo-Saxon’ media.


Annual Conference report, 2015
The Society’s Annual Conference took place at the University of Manchester from 30th March to 1st April. This report comes from Mark Thoma, professor of economics at the University of Oregon and blogger at Economist’s View.

Pro Bono Economics
Pro Bono Economics was registered in 2009 and we marked its foundation in the July 2009 Newsletter (no. 146). We later reported on its progress in January 2012 (no. 156). The Director of the charity is Sue Holloway and she provides a further update below.

Economists’ contributions to the UK general election debates — so much effort, so little impact
In the month or two leading up to the UK general election on 7 May 2015, a range of economists and economic groups put a lot of effort into providing information and assessments of the relevant economic policy issues. But it seems nobody listened. David Cobham asks why this was and how we should respond.

Inaugural RES Symposium of Junior Researchers (2015)
The Inaugural Royal Economic Society Symposium of Junior Researchers took place at the University of Manchester on the 2nd April 2015. This article is based upon the report to the RES prepared by James Lincoln.

News from the Economics Network - Employers’ Survey 2014-15
Alice Beckett, research assistant at the Economics Network, summarises the findings.

A Global ‘Apollo’ Programme to Tackle Climate Change
This is the name given to the plan to reduce the cost of clean energy, promoted by a number of eminent scientists and economists. The initiative was launched at LSE on 2nd June. This is an edited version of the report that appeared on the voxEU website.

Letters to the editor

Pluralism in economics teaching
Elitism and the state of economics education
The purpose of economics
Diane Coyle and Simon Wren-Lewis respond

Obituary - Guy Judge

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