Newsletter Online July 2016

Issue no. 174


Letter from Germany — Brexit, seen from Berlin
Writing a few days (17 June) before the British referendum on continued EU membership, Michael
Burda at the Humboldt University of Berlin reflects on the externalities involved in that decision.


Europe after Brexit — ‘As ye sow, so shall ye reap’
Andrew Duff reflects on the UK’s relationship with the EU following the decision to leave and discusses likely future developments.

Conference Report 2016
The Society’s Annual Conference was held at the University of Sussex, 21-23 March. This report was prepared by Ferdinando Giugliano.

The public trusts academic economists, but the media are losing interest
Simon Wren-Lewis looks at the declining ability of academic economists to make an impact in
important public debates and argues for an urgent collective effort to reverse this trend.

Reforming the Society’s constitution
The forthcoming retirement of Mark Robson as the Society’s Honorary Treasurer was announced in the April Newsletter. In his time as treasurer Mark did a lot of work to enhance the Society’s constitution.
To mark the Society’s appreciation of those efforts, the editor invited Mark to explain the thinking.

The productivity fallacy
Six years into fiscal consolidation policies around the world, economists are wholly preoccupied with supply rather than demand. Productivity figures are regarded as indicating structural flaws, of far
greater interest than the successes or otherwise of governments' fiscal strategies. This note by Geoff Tily, argues that it is a fallacy to interpret failures of productivity outcomes as indicating a failure of supply. The disregard for the demand story is deeply problematic in practice.

Exploring Economics at University College, London
‘ExploreEcon’ is an annual research conference for the university’s economics undergraduates. Introduced two years ago, the conference is seen as a way to further UCL's stated objective of providing a research-based education. This article, by Mateusz Stalinski, is one student’s report on the experience.


Maurice Peston

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