Newsletter Online July 2014

Issue no.166

This corresponds to RES Newsletter (Print Version) no. 166 July 2014

In this issue:


RES Annual Conference 2014 Report
The Society’s Annual Conference took place this year at the University of Manchester from 7th to 9th April. This report was compiled by Ryan Avent of The Economist.

Changing the subject
The financial crisis triggered widespread introspection among teachers of economics and a substantial dissatisfaction with the existing curriculum was demonstrated through a number of channels. In this article Alvin Birdie summarises the various responses and sets the scene for a more detailed look at three of them. In this issue, we look at the INET-CORE proposals. The Association for Heterodox Economics and the Post-Crash Economics Society have been invited to give their proposals in forthcoming issues.

New teaching for economics: the INET-CORE project
One high-profile response to the need to revise the economics curriculum, is the CORE project financially supported by the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) and based at INET at the Oxford Martin School. We look at the background and progress of the project.

The Bank of England’s Engagement with Academia
Stephen Millard explains the Bank of England’s current efforts to increase its engagement with the academic community.

Scotland would not be better off as an independent nation
Results from the Centre for Macroeconomics June Survey. In the article that follows this, Andrew Hughes Hallett explores the difficulties of making these judgements.

Why assessments of Scotland’s economy under independence are so often misleading
A majority of economists believe that Scotland would be worse off if she were independent, according to a new VoxEU survey. A smaller majority believe that the rest of the UK (rUK) would be acting in its own self-interest if it tried to rule out a currency union. Andrew Hughes Hallett explains why both beliefs are misleading.


Letter from Germany: The World Cup, Exportweltmeister, the Hartz Reforms (and Marshall wins?)
In the first of his ‘Letters from Germany’, Michael Burda ponders Germany’s transition from post-unification ‘sick-man’ to ‘export world master’.


Letter to the editor: Keynes, dentists and humility

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