Newsletter Online July 2009

Issue no. 146

This provides links to selected items from issue no.146, July 2009. It is part of a continuing project to make available selected material from issues before no.156, January 2012.


Pro Bono Economics
UK charities make little use of the professional skills of economists. In this article, Martin Brookes and Andrew G Haldane look at why this is the case and outline an exciting new project to broker economists into the charitable sector. Volunteers welcome!

Conference Report
The Society’s Annual Conference took place this year at the University of Surrey, 21st -22nd April. This report of the event is written by Saugato Datta of The Economist.

Secretary-General's Annual Report
The new Secretary-General, John Beath, gave the following report of the Society’s recent activities at the Annual General Meeting held during the Annual Conference at the University of Surrey. This is followed, for the first time, by a report on the Society’s finances from the Honorary Treasurer, Mark Robson.


Letter from Germany - Rescuing the Economy and Economic Policy
In this year’s annual letter Ray Rees reveals that Germany is just waking up to the scale of its economic crisis and that some German professors have a very strange view of the state of economics in ‘Anglo-Saxon’ universities. Ray has just retired from his chair at the University of Munich, but continues to be active in the economics faculty as emeritus professor and programme director at the Centre for Economic Studies (CES).

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