Newsletter Online July 2007

Issue no. 138

This provides links to selected items from issue no.138, July 2007. It is part of a continuing project to make available selected material from issues before no.156, January 2012.


Evidence on the future of economics
Andrew Oswald and Hilda Ralsmark of Warwick University collect and study the CVs of 112 assistant professors in the top ten American departments of economics. and treat these as a glimpse of the future. They find evidence of a remarkable brain-drain from other nations and that the great majority of these assistant professors are doing empirical rather than theoretical work. The findings are examined alongside forecasts made in the 1991 Centenary issue of the Economic Journal on ‘The Future of Economics’.

Annual Conference Report
The Society’s Annual Conference took place this year at the University of Warwick , 11th to 13th April. This report of the event is written by Mario Pisani, a former leader writer at the Financial Times and now an economic adviser at HM Treasury.

The Bank of England ten years on
Hans-Helmut Kotz, of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank and honorary Professor at Freiburg University offers a personal view of ten years operational independence at the Bank of England.


Letter from Germany - Excellence and Incarceration
In this essay Ray Rees, Professor of Economics at the University of Munich, provides an update on the attempt to introduce quality-related funding to Germany’s universities and tells a cautionary tale about the potential pitfalls of experimental economics.

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