Newsletter Online January 2015

Issue no. 168

This corresponds to RES Newsletter (print version) no. 168. January 2015

In this issue


Economic Journal - Managing editors’ report
The annual report of the editors of the Economic Journal was presented to Council in November. This is an edited version.

Econometrics Journal - Editor’s annual report
The managing editor, Richard J Smith, made the annual report covering the period July 1 2013 to June 30 2014, to the Council of the Royal Economic Society in November. This is an edited version of that report.

The 46th Annual Conference of the Money, Macro, Finance Group
The 46th Annual Conference of the MMF was held over 17-19th September at the University of
Durham. The group’s chair, Jagjit Chadha, reports.

Economics as a pluralist, liberal education
In the third of our articles on the reform of the economics curriculum, the Post-Crash Economics
Society outlines its proposals.

Kathy Crocker retires
Kathy Crocker, University of York, has retired after working for the Royal Economic Society for 34
years, firstly in the Editorial office of the Economic Journal and then as Membership Secretary of the
Society. Here she recalls some people and events during this time.


Letter from France - A golden year for French economists
In his latest Letter, Alan Kirman discusses two strands in the French approach to economics as represented by Thomas Piketty and Jean Tirole.


George Zis

Derek Robinson

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