Newsletter Online January 2014

Issue no. 164

This corresponds to RES Newsletter (Print Version) issue no. 164, January 2014

In this issue


Letter from France - La France: the sick man of europe
In his latest letter, Alan Kirman argues that the widespread view of France as an economy heading for serious trouble is based upon a very selective reading of the evidence.


Letter to the editor: Evidence-based economics


Economic Journal - Managing editors' report
The annual report of the editors of the Economic Journal was presented to Council in November 2013. This is an edited version.

Econometrics Journal - Editor's report
The managing editor, Richard J Smith, made the annual report covering the period July 1 2011 to June 30 2012 to Council in November 2013. This is an edited version.

Money, Macro Finance Group - 45th Annual Conference
The MMF's 45th Annual Conference was held on 11-13th September 2013 at Queen Mary University of London. This report was compiled by the Chair, Jagjit Chadha, and the Local Organiser, Francis Breedon.

Tax regimes in a global environment
A recent study by KPMG reported a remarkable shift toward the UK's regime of corporate taxation even thouhg lower tax rates can be found elsewhere. In this article, Gareth Myles explains why this might be, and how national tax systems function in a global environment.

University management and performance
Recent research by John McCormack, Carol Propper and Sarah Smith challenges the view that management practice makes little difference to the performance of academic institutions.

Taking economics to the widest audience
A report on two recent public events, supported by the RES, which set adventurous precedents in the use of internet technology.


The Bernacer Prize


Ronald Coase
Paul W Miller

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