Newsletter Online January 2013

Issue 5

Corresponds to RES Newsletter (Print Version) no. 160, January 2013

In this issue:


The Mirrlees Review of UK taxation
In this article, Tony Atkinson (Nuffield College Oxford and LSE), a past president of the RES, reviews the work of the IFS and James Mirrlees published in 2012 under the title Tax by Design.

Economic Journal - editor’s report
The annual report of the editor of the Economic Journal was presented to Council in November. This is an edited version.

Econometrics Journal — Editor’s annual report
The managing editor, Richard J Smith, made the annual report covering the period July 1 2011 to June 30 2012, to the Council of the Royal Economic Society in November. This is an edited version of that report.

Money, macro, finance - 2012 annual conference
The 44th Annual Conference of the MMFRG was held at Trinity College, Dublin 6-8th September 2012. This report was prepared by Peter Smith, the Group’s Chairman.


Letter from France - La France en Difficulté
In recent weeks the headlines in France have been dominated by the news of the rich and famous fleeing the country to avoid the new government’s high rates of tax. In this letter, Alan Kirman looks at the difficulties faced by Francois Hollande and his colleagues in pursuing their own version of ‘austérité’.

Comments and Notes

Letters to the Editor

The letter of the 364

Defending Austerity

Cicero and Budget Deficits



Jules Theeuwes

Robin Marris

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