Newsletter Online April 2017

Issue no. 177


Letter from America - 'Madmen in authority' and health care reform
In his latest letter, Angus Deaton exposes the incoherence of the Trump administration’s attempts to reform health care in the USA (as well as its ignorance of the late Kenneth Arrow).attures


Secretary-General's Annual Report
The Secretary-General, Denise Osborn, presented her second annual report to the Society’s AGM at the University of Bristol on Tuesday 11th April.

A science, not an ideology
Christian Gollier, Founder and former Director of the Toulouse School of Economics, currently on sabbatical at UCL talks to Tim Phillips (Editor of the CORE project) about TSE’s first year of teaching CORE to its undergraduates.

The Inomics 2016 Salary Survey
INOMICS has been offering students and professionals a comprehensive online resource for their academic and career choices since 1998. Amongst the services it provides is an Annual Salary Report. The 2016 Report was published just after our January issue went to press. Here is a summary of its main findings. Full details of the survey and of INOMICS’ other activities can be found at their website,

Voting theory and the Brexit referendum question
The Brexit referendum question was flawed in its design by ignoring Kenneth Arrow's impossibility theorem. Thomas Colignatus explains.

The creation of money — good practice in evidence-based economics
Michael Joffe has argued the merits of an ‘evidence-based economics’ in these pages before. Here he provides an example of good practice.


Thomas Schelling
Sir Tony Atkinson
Kenneth Arrow

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