RES Newsletter Online April 2016

Issue no. 173


Letter from America - A special edition from Stockholm and Washington
In this, his fortieth Letter from America, Angus reflects on some of the lesser-known consequences of being a Nobel laureate.


Between copying and creating: where does East Asia fit?
Rajah Rasiah takes issue with the argument that the growth of some East Asia economies is largely a reflection of increased inputs rather than technological innovation.

Secretary-General’s Annual Report
The Secretary-General, Denise Osborn, presented her first annual report to the Society’s AGM at the University of Sussex on Tuesday 22nd March.

The Inomics 2015 Salary Survey
INOMICS has been offering students and professionals a comprehensive online resource for their academic and career choices since 1998. Amongst the services it provides is an Annual Salary Report. The 2015 Report was published as our January issue went to press. Here is a summary of its main findings. Full details of the survey and of INOMICS’ other activities can be found at their website.

From Lahore to Sheffield - Workshops on implementing and teaching the new CORE Intro course
By Alvin Birdi, on behalf of the CORE Teaching Committee.

On gender, research discipline and being the editor of an economics journal in the UK
In 1998 the Royal Economic Society Women’s Committee explored the gender composition of editorial boards for 25 journals where at least one of the editors was based in the UK. This exercise was repeated in 2003, 2011 and is updated here for 2016. The number of female managing editors or co-editors has risen slowly over time and is now in line with the proportion of females amongst professors. The number of women amongst the members of editorial boards is, however, far outstripped by the growth in the relative numbers of female readers/senior lecturers. We find little difference in the research areas of male and female academic economists, suggesting that there is a substantial pool of suitable women who could be asked to join these editorial boards. This report was prepared by Karen Mumford, University of York (Chair of the Women’s Committee).


Letter to the Editor - A visitor’s view of the Annual Conference


Mike Artis

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