Newsletter Online April 2014

Issue no. 165

This corresponds to RES Newsletter (print version) no. 165, April 2014

In this issue:


Secretary-General’s 2014 Annual Report
The Secretary-General, John Beath, presented this report to the Society’s AGM at the University of Manchester on Tuesday 8th April.

The Polish contribution to economics
In Newsletter no. 134 (July 2006) Harald Hagemann told the story of the contribution of German economists exiled from their native country by the Nazi regime. Here Janek Toporowski examines the contribution of Polish economists over a rather longer period.

Can economics be evidence-based?
In this follow-up to his earlier article, Michael Joffe, Imperial College, discusses what it means for economics to be ‘evidence-based’.

Myths of the Great War
Understandably, 2014 has seen (and will yet see) many reflections on the 'Great War' of 1914-18. In a lecture given to the Economic History Society Annual Conference on 28th March, Mark Harrison identified a number of widely-held myths about that tragic event.

A Career in Modelling: A Note on the Government Economic Service
On the anniversary of the GES’s 50th birthday Helen Carrier and Karen Mumford look at the relative position of women in the GES from 2000 to 2012.


Letter from America - America wakes up to inequality (again)
Angus Deaton argues that while the reduction of inequality has never been high a prioritiy in US public policy, recent developments have at least forced it back into focus. But when it comes to action there is nothing to match the radicalism of a century ago.


Letter to the editor - Government investment...


Augusto Graziani

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