Newsletter Online April 2012

Issue 2

Corresponds to RES Newsletter (Print Version) no. 157, April 2012

In this issue

Letter from America – Weathering the storm

In his Letter from America, Angus Deaton argues that most commentary on the US recession is focused on its likely relevance to the forthcoming presidential election. By way of contrast, Angus looks at its impact on those more directly affected.

Secretary-General’s 2012 Annual Report

The Secretary General, John Beath, presented his report to the Society’s AGM at Cambridge
on 26th March.

Understanding the Crisis: clarity on measurement, clarity on policy

John Weeks, School of Oriental and African Studies, argues for more precision in the current debate about fiscal deficits.

Fiscal stimulus improves solvency in a depressed economy

Dennis Leech Economics Department and Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy in the University of Warwick argues that the multiplier effect in a depressed economy may be larger than is commonly expected and could even be large enough to allow a stimulus package to be self-financing.

Economics education after the crisis

In February, the Government Economic Service and the Bank of England hosted an event which explored economics teaching and learning in UK universities in the wake of the financial crisis. The following articles give two views on the conclusions reached by the discussion. The second also includes student views as reported in the Economics Network annual survey.

Australia doing it tough?! Structural change noise obscures cyclical story

Nigel Stapledon argues that the popular view of Australia’s recent current performance is distorted by a confusion over cyclical and structural changes.


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