Newsletter Online April 2008

Issue no. 141


The Annual Report of the Secretary-General
The Secretary-General, Professor Richard Portes, presented the following report on the Society’s activities to its Annual General Meeting, held on 17th March during the 2008 Annual Conference at Warwick.

ESRC International Benchmarking Review
Neil Rickman, University of Surrey reports on the ESRC’s international benchmarking review of economics, some of which centred on the Society’s Annual Conference last month.

Climate change, the Stern Review and Discounting the Future
David Evans of Oxford Brookes University looks at an issue that has been the source of much controversy (some of it in these pages) since the appearance of Sir Nicholas Stern’s review of the economics of climate change.


Letter from America:The passions, the politics… and the data
In his latest letter, Angus Deaton comments on the findings of the Gallup/World Poll of people in 150 countries. These show a remarkably consistent link between per capita GDP and various measures of well-being. However, US citizens it seems do worse on happiness and sadness measures than their incomes would predict and they are astonishingly dissatisfied with their healthcare system — even more so than the British.

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