Newsletter Online April 2004

Issue no. 125

This provides links to selected items from issue no.125, April 2004. It is part of a continuing project to make available selected material from issues before no.156, January 2012.


The Bank of England Agencies and the Monetary Policy Committee
Kevin Butler is the Bank of England's South West Regional Agent. In this article he explains the part played by the Agencies in feeding information to the MPC and in communicating the Bank’s thinking to the business community. The latter role makes an important contribution to the transparency of monetary policy making.

The Economics of Academic Publishing
Christopher Gasson is a publishing analyst. He was formerly the financial editor of The Bookseller, and a publishing company broker with Bertoli Mitchell.

Why economics should be in the HEFCE part-laboratory cost band
The classification of economics as a ‘low-cost’ library-based discipline has long-been a source of grievance to English academic economists who see subjects like business and management, with lower technical resuirements, receive more generous funding by the Highr Education Funding Council for England. In autumn of last year John Beath, then chair of the Society’s Conference of Heads of University Departments of Economics (CHUDE) and Stephen Nickell, the Society’s President, put a strongly-argued case for change to HEFCE. Although HEFCE’s response was not overly encouraging it does hold out hope for some improvement. The case and the response are set out here.


Letter from America - Race, selectivity and privilege in American colleges and universities
In this Letter from America, Angus Deaton, Princeton University, reviews the recent twists and turns in US universities admissions policies and some of the resulting paradoxes.

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