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WHAT FUELS THE BOOM DRIVES THE BUST: Uneven regulation and the US mortgage crisis

Stricter supervision and regulation of independent mortgage lenders could have reduced the severity of the boom-bust cycle in the US housing market,... More


Children who start school at a younger age are more likely to commit crimes before they reach their early twenties. Parents who enrol their offspring... More

RANDOMISED POLICY EXPERIMENTS: How to avoid biased predictions from how subjects are allocated into treatment and control groups

Even credible and explicit procedures for allocating people into ‘treatment’ and ‘control’ groups in randomised policy experiments do not guarantee an... More

ENDGAME BEHAVIOUR: New evidence of how people act towards others when they know the slate can be wiped clean

A mobile society in which people can sometimes start over with a clean slate need not be fatal to cooperative and trustworthy behaviour. That is the... More

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Media briefings are also distributed in connection with other RES events and activities, such as the Annual Public Lecture and the Policy Lecture series.


Webcasts of Keynote addresses and selections of special sessions from recent RES Annual Conferences are available for downloading. There are also webcasts and related resources for recent Policy Lectures and Annual Public Lectures.

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Media Briefings

The RES distributes media briefings summarising new economic research findings presented at its annual conference and published in each issue of The Economic Journal. Annual Conference Reports/Overviews produced by conference rapporteurs, leading economics journalists attending conference, are also available.

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Policy Lectures

In 2011, the Society initiated a Policy Lecture series. The inaugural lecture in this series was given by David Miles, External Member of the Monetary Policy Committee. Whereas the Annual Public Lecture series, which has run since 2001, is aimed largely at a sixth form secondary school audience, the Policy Lecture series is an opportunity for leading economists to speak both to academics and to policy-makers and to others interested in the development of economic policy.

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Romesh Vaitilingam
RES Media Consultant