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INEQUALITY AND ECONOMICS: Tony Atkinson’s enduring lessons

Sir Tony Atkinson, the doyen of inequality economics and former president of the Royal Economic Society, passed away in January 2017. Andrea... More

MAINTAINING ORGANISATIONAL PERFORMANCE IN TIMES OF GROWTH: New experimental evidence and lessons for firms and countries

New experimental research finds that it is possible for organisations to increase their size while maintaining performance even when new members come... More

MEDIA EXPOSURE OF SUSPECTS HELPS TO SOLVE CRIMES: Evidence from a Dutch crime-watch TV programme

The media can be an effective tool for tracking down crime suspects, according to research by Dinand Webbink, Judith van Erp and Froukje van Gastel,... More

REAL WAGES IN GERMANY: New evidence of considerable flexibility in response to changing economic conditions

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the real wages of workers in Germany are responsive to the business cycle, according to research by Heiko Stüber,... More

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Media briefings are also distributed in connection with other RES events and activities, such as the Annual Public Lecture and the Policy Lecture series.


Webcasts of Keynote addresses and selections of special sessions from recent RES Annual Conferences are available for downloading. There are also webcasts and related resources for recent Policy Lectures and Annual Public Lectures.

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Media Briefings

The RES distributes media briefings summarising new economic research findings presented at its annual conference and published in each issue of The Economic Journal. Annual Conference Reports/Overviews produced by conference rapporteurs, leading economics journalists attending conference, are also available.

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Policy Lectures

In 2011, the Society initiated a Policy Lecture series. The inaugural lecture in this series was given by David Miles, External Member of the Monetary Policy Committee. Whereas the Annual Public Lecture series, which has run since 2001, is aimed largely at a sixth form secondary school audience, the Policy Lecture series is an opportunity for leading economists to speak both to academics and to policy-makers and to others interested in the development of economic policy.

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