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The RES distributes Media Briefings summarising new economic research findings presented at its annual conference and published in each issue of The Economic Journal. Media briefings are also distributed in connection with other RES events and activities, such as the Annual Public Lecture and the Policy Lecture series.

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Annual Conference Reports/Overviews produced by conference rapporteurs, leading economics journalists attending conference, are also available.

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Featured Media Briefings


Pharmacists in small Italian cities where they are effectively monopolies will jack up the prices of products desperately needed by hard-pressed... More


Breaking the rules. Almost daily we hear about someone who has cheated to get ahead – students using a study app to get answers for a final exam; two... More

SOCIAL DIVISIONS: India’s caste system as an exemplar of why members of different groups refuse to interact

Social divisions – such as the divisions between ‘tribes’ or ‘clans’ in developing countries, or the divisions between racial or religious groups in... More

EFFECTS OF COAL-BASED AIR POLLUTION ON MORTALITY RATES: New evidence from nineteenth century Britain

Industrialised cities in mid-nineteenth century Britain probably suffered from similar levels of air pollution as urban centres in China and India do... More

HOW CIVIL CONFLICT DISRUPTS THE ECONOMY: New evidence from the West Bank and Gaza

Conflict in Palestine in the early 2000s had a devastating effect on the economy, largely because local manufacturing firms were unable to get access... More

December 2010

The Impact Of Education On Earnings: Evidence From The Post-War Raising

The 1947 increase in the UK’s minimum school leaving age from 14 to 15 raised men’s wages but had no noticeable effect on women’s wages. That is... More

Radio Spectrum Auctions Not Always Won By The Most Efficient Firms

Auctions of the rights to use radio spectrum may not always deliver the best outcome for society, warns research by Professor Maarten Janssen and Dr... More

'Near-Rational' Bubbles: Making Sense Of Repeated Booms And Busts In Asset Prices

If economic policy-makers are to take deliberate steps to prevent or deflate asset price bubbles, they need a realistic model of a bubble. In a... More

'A Case Worker Like Me': Reducing Unemployment By Matching The Jobless

Carefully matching people who find themselves out of work with job counsellors with whom they can more easily identify could prove a relatively ... More

Europe's Productivity Gap With The United States: How Small Barriers To New Firms' Entry

Regulation that makes it more difficult and costly for new firms to enter a market can substantially reduce an economy’s productivity. That is... More

Bigger Classes Mean Lower Marks: New Evidence Of The Impact Of Class Size

Class size matters for student performance, particularly the most able students. That is the central finding of research by Professor Oriana... More

Banking Regulation: New Evidence On How 'Basel Iii' Should Be Designed

Basel II regulation fails to protect the banking sector from the consequences of periods of excessive credit growth, according to research by... More

November 2010

Numeracy Among England's Over-Fifties: The Links With Retirement Saving And Well-Being

More numerate people among the over-50 age group in England tend to have substantially more liquid financial wealth than less numerate people.... More

Cross-Country Differences In Financial Literacy

There is plenty of evidence that a large proportion of adults in most countries are unfamiliar with even the most basic economic concepts, such... More

Solving The Elderly Care Crisis Through New Financial Products

A form of premium bonds paying out prizes worth £24 million a year could help meet the soaring cost of elderly care, according to new proposals... More

More Numerate Couples Enjoy Greater Family Wealth

Couples who score well on a simple test of numeracy ability accumulate more wealth by middle age than couples that score poorly on such a test.... More

Cognitive Decline In Later Life: The Long-Term Impact Of Being Born In A Recession

People who are born during a recession may suffer adverse consequences in their later years in terms of the impact of a stroke and other serious... More

September 2010

New Evidence That The Victorians Were Prodigious Savers And Remarkably Sophisticated Investors

Victorian investors allocated their portfolios in much the same way as a modern investment adviser armed with the latest techniques would recommend,... More

When Middle Class Voters Call For Public Sector Cuts: ‘Retrenchment’ Lessons From Late

Extensions of the voting franchise to the middle classes in England in the latter half of the nineteenth century led to growing pressures for... More

New Research Finds That Protestants And Catholics Have A Similar Work Ethic

Analysis of recent cross-country survey data on people’s feelings, values, religious beliefs, social habits and opinions finds no support for the... More

Lotteries Are The Most Effective ‘Prize Mechanism’ For Getting People To Contribute To Public Projects

Offering a prize for contributions to a new project that benefits a whole community raises more funds (net of the cost of the prize) than... More

Monetary Policy Inertia Held Back Growth In The Euro Area

Gradual changes in the inflation target have played a major role in the euro area business cycle, according to research by Patrick Fève, Julien ... More

Dissatisfied With Life But Having A Good Day’: New Evidence On Life Satisfaction

People who are unemployed are generally less satisfied with their lives than people in work, but their day-to-day emotional wellbeing is the same.... More

New Evidence That The Victorians Were Prodigious Savers And Remarkably Sophisticated Investors

Victorian investors allocated their portfolios in much the same way as a modern investment adviser armed with the latest techniques would... More

Why Airline Tickets Are Cheap When Purchased Early But Theatres Offer Discounts

An overseas visitor planning to catch a musical in London and hoping to save money should book their airline ticket long in advance but... More

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