Media Briefings

The RES distributes Media Briefings summarising new economic research findings presented at its annual conference and published in each issue of The Economic Journal. Media briefings are also distributed in connection with other RES events and activities, such as the Annual Public Lecture and the Policy Lecture series.

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Annual Conference Reports/Overviews produced by conference rapporteurs, leading economics journalists attending conference, are also available.

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Featured Media Briefings

FINDING WORK ON THE INTERNET: New evidence of the growing effectiveness of online job search

Jobseekers who go online to find work experience 25% shorter unemployment spells than people who do not use the internet. That is one of the... More

GERMANY’S LABOUR MARKET: The key reform was not benefit cuts but improving the way unemployed workers are matched to job vacancies

Inefficiencies in the process by which unemployed workers were matched to open positions were the main causes of rigidities in Germany’s labour market... More

CHINA’S RENMINBI IS ALREADY A DOMINANT GLOBAL CURRENCY: New evidence of the emerging ‘tripolar’ monetary system

China’s renminbi has become a key driver of currency movements in Asia since the mid-2000s and especially since the global financial crisis. For... More

INEQUALITY IN BIG CITIES: Why urbanisation makes the world more unequal

Large cities are more unequal than the nations that host them, according to research by Kristian Behrens and Frederic Robert-Nicoud, published in the... More

TERM SPREADS AND BANK PROFITABILITY: New evidence of how quantitative easing can influence long-term interest rates and future output

The term spread – an important component of the difference between short- and long-term interest rates – is strongly influenced by banks’ expectations... More